The Tracey Group helps companies and organizations build value. Our partners and principals each have over 20 years of business experience in broad functional areas and have delivered millions of dollars of value to their stakeholders. Our focus:

· Business with the Federal Government…how to do it, how to be good at it, how to achieve the results you want. We provide expertise and support across the entire process, from start-up to execution, accelerating your success while reducing your risks. Our principals have successfully developed, closed and managed billions of dollars in business.

· Investor Presentations…for entrepreneurs with a great idea, our senior principals translate that concept into a clear, concise and logical investor presentation and prepare and rehearse you so that you are ready for the scrutiny and questions you will receive. We're done in three days.

· Interim Marketing and Sales Management… "jump-start" your business with 50 years of combined experience to accelerate your pace of growth. You get instant transformation of proven expertise into your organization, complete with marketing/promotion/advertising plans, sales processes, value propositions and sales differentiators.

· Strategy Planning…more than just a directional compass, we work with you to translate your vision into a strategy that can be articulated, understood and implemented to achieve results.

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David Stephens
Managing Partner
The Tracey Group